Born near Milan in 1977, Manuel Ruberto Realized to have a talent for the arts at a very early age.

He started by drawing and painting at the local Art School and soon found his best talent to be the ability to capture the essence of his subjects through the gaze of their eyes. Now fasinated by the way in which light would expose his models he inevitably started learning about photoraphy. He liked being in completely dark places with his camera's shutter open for minutes and a torch in his hand, that torch was his light-brush. Those light beams he was using to reveal his models in the darkness made him realize how the soft curves of a human body are always there, even when there is no light to expose them. He was now captured by these shapes that didn't need anything but themselves in order to exist. No light nor colors, just the mere presence of a form in an otherwise empty space. The five-year-marathon of his studies of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts was about to start.

He was now, through teachings and hands-on experiences, assimilating the very intimate essence of shapes. The intrinsically static nature of shapes, peculiarity that makes sculpture as strong as it is eternal, was day after day starting to become a limit. He couldn't translate the flow of a river nor he could capture the power of a falling object hitting the ground and shattering into pieces. He needed to include another fundamental element into his works, the dimension of time. There actually was a way to combine everything he learned into a single tool, such tool is Maya.

3D programms don't need space, light nor time and yet they embed all these elements into a virtual universe within which we are totally free of creating, unbound by the limits of our physical world. He is now a senior Maya generalist freelancing around London and on the verge of giving a twist to his carrier by moving towards character modelling.

That's what he was born for...